Reading Online:

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National Geographic

Storyline online

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Kiwi Kids News


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Oxford Owl Reading

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Magic Keys

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International Children's Library

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Mighty book stories

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Books to read


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Wellington City Library

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The Literacy Shed

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Story Place

Reading Games:

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Literacy Zone

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Primary Games: Reading

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PBS: Reading Games

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Wacky web tales

Cloze Activities:

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Add the words - Blume

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Penang Island Cloze

Main Ideas:

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Main ideas - Mahy

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Sandwich the main idea

Comprehension tasks:

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Alexander Graham Bell text

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Pyramid text

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Stapleless book

Reading choices: this is to be used with the whole class this term.

Reading choices: trialing for term 1 with Blume and Dahl.

During the term I will use this as my follow up after I have done my group activity in Reading. I will colour or tick in the box when I have completed an activity. At the end of the term I will reflect on each group of activities I have completed.

Week 8
Week 9
Week 11
Week 12
Term self reflection
Learning centre Activity

Literacy activity:
Comprehension games

Creative challenge

Thinking card

Reading to self- personal reading (iPad)

Reading to self:
Reading to self- poems or jokes

Reading to self: non-fiction books or children’s writing

Listen to reading- online Story from Wiki

Listening to Reading:
Reading to someone: Buddy reading

Reading to someone:
Word Practice: Spelling activity or word ladder

Word practice:
Word Practice: Spelling game from wiki

Word Practice: Dictionary meanings