Term 3: Week 2. Citizenship week

During this week we have been learning about Privacy, cyber safety, digital footprints, True and False, Morals and ethics, respectful communication and how our PRIDE values relate to being online. We rotated around the seven senior school classes each day. Below are some pictures of activities we did and video clips that we saw.
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 2.56.14 PM.png

Here is the video that we watched for Digital Footprints.

Common Sense Media: Digital Footprint Intro from Joaquin E. Jutt on Vimeo.

This one helped us focus on the things we find on the internet and whether they are all true or not.

Term 2: Week 2 & 3. Walk the Talk Clevedon.

We are lucky enough to have Jacqui Sharp in teaching us this week and next. We are doing a lot of independent learning. Each reading group has a novel study. We are working on our own learning in Geometry and writing. It is only day two and we have learnt lots relating to how to download and use google docs, using a variety of inspiration maps and how to collect Dojo points in our class.
walk the talk.png
Walk the talk Clevedon

myth blog.png
OUr Myths & Legend Blog

Blogging comments:

We are learning how to comment on our blog,

our writing blog and our buddy class's blog.

We need to remember that when we write comments we
  • Say something positive
  • Ask a question
  • Provide constructive feed back or feed forward

Digital Etiquette


Care of our iPads:

Here is our Bubbl.us of how we are going to care for our ipads in class.
Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.23.59 PM.png

Cyber Safety:

Professor Garfield Cyber Safety

Disney Cybernetiquette

cyber comics.png
Cyber Safety Comics

Trouble shooting:

Problems with Wireless?

Crashing Apps